Study in DynLab

Studying Dynamics

DynLab complements the study of theory and computational modelling and extends it with experimental dynamics, which enables to validate calculations of static characteristics of journal and thrust hydrodynamic and aerodynamic bearings of various types depending on rotational speed and other parameters, to verify stiffness and damping coefficients, and to achieve effective rotor balancing.


DynLab contributes to the study of experimental mechanics by helping to master analyses of rotor dynamics, measurement of static and dynamic characteristics of rotating systems and their subsystems, and processing of simulations for parameters outside the range of test equipment. Students will be prepared to use theoretical knowledge for solving practical engineering problems in the field of rotor system dynamics and bearing design.

Thesis in DynLab

In DynLab, students can work on bachelor’s and master’s theses on various topics related to the research of dynamics of modern rotating machines and their components, especially computational and experimental modelling of special bearings designed for low-viscosity media. The diploma and bachelor thesis topics are inspired by the problems of contemporary engineering practice, which are dealt with by our industrial partners.

The thesis topic can be adjusted to the interests, preferences and professional orientation of individual students. We support a proactive approach and thesis topic suggestions submitted by students.